Cell Culture pH Control

incuART™Individual cell culture chambers  with controlled atmosphere
“Cell culture” refers to the in vitro proliferation of cells. For many years, efforts have been
mainly focused  on optimizing culture conditions, including selection of appropriate culture medium, in order to achieve rapid cell growth. However, not enough focus has been on the cell culture environment itself.  The conventional CO2 incubator only provides minimum requirements for keeping cells alive in a culture environment where the pH and temperature should be held at 7.4 and 37°C, respectively, and sub-saturated.
The incuART technology provides individual cell culture chambers  with a testified stable pH controlled  atmosphere
These are very relevant questions that every lab should worry about.
  1. How important is pHo in regards to the pHi?
  2. Should a lab technician worry about pHo? Human embryo pHi is ~7.1 (Phillips et al. 2000).
  3. How do I monitor the pHo then and can it have any impact on the cell culture outcome?
  4. Is pHo a sample measurement or a measurement in time?  How should a lab handle these three phases and what are the important factors during measurement?
  5. There are different ways and technologies to measure pH0, but what is the best and most reliable technology today to measure it? If any, what factors does contribute to sustain the claim that there is a “best” technology?


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