Tank Warmer T4

Designed to deliver superior quality for your cell culture through state of the art temperature accuracy…

Successful assisted reproduction involves the careful co-ordination of many steps throughout the ART or cell culture process. Only meticulous attention to details at every step in this process can optimize the chance of delivering a healthy baby or having a successful cell culture. Keeping your cell samples at the right temperature is also an important step in this process.

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The heated Tank Warmer T4 has been designed to control and maintain a stable temperature in almost every environment.ꜞThe anodized aluminum body make it easy to maintain and keeps the temperature stable.

It has been carefully designed to maintain a stable temperature for sperm collection. The sandwich heat reflective design ensures low energy consumption and good temperature dissipation.

Model Tank Warmer T4
Temperature control range

ambient to 55°C

Individual temperature control

±0.1°C @ 37°C

Temperature uniformity

±0.3°C @ 37°C from SP

Temperature sensors


Storage temperature

  -30° C to 85° C

Power Supply

110 – 230 VAC 50/60 Hz 3.5A

12 VDC

Power cable length

2.5 m

Control unit dimension

93.7″D x 63.7″W x 14.5″H  (238x162x37mm)

Controller unit display

3.5 digits


IP 65

Power consumption

35 W


Audible for out of range

Exterior dimensions

119x174x52 mm


Anodized Aluminum

# of Slots


Shipping weight

11 lbs. (5 kg.)

Specifications are subject to change without notice

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