IVF/ESC Workstations

There is no other life experience that matches the birth of a baby in significance and importance. The responsibility of nurturing and watching children grow and develop into well formed human beings, alters the appreciation of life and health, with a resulting long-term impact upon individuals, families and society. Thus, the combination of oocyte and sperm to create an embryo with the potential to develop into a unique individual cannot be regarded lightly, as just another form of invasive medical technology, but must be treated with the respect and responsibility due to the most fundamental areas of human life.

Successful assisted reproduction involves the careful co-ordination of many steps throughout the ART process. Only meticulous attention to details at every step in this process can optimize the chance of delivering a healthy baby. Our products offers a unique control through these  important steps in this process.  It is therefore our greatest responsibility to ensure a stable, nontoxic, pathogen-free environment with optimum parameters for oocyte fertilization and embryo development for your culture.