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    The Frequently Asked Questions area is not just for incuART platform users users but for those of you who want to find simple answers to your cell culture environmental control needs. Should your query not be included in the list of Frequently Asked Questions, please E-mail us at info@tech2art.com
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  • 1.FAQs - Environmental Control
    Customized Cell Culture Incubators keep cells viable and stress free because four parameters are controlled; Temperature , CO2 Atmosphere, pH and Humidity . tech2ART technology focuses on these parameters.
  • What about the temperature control?

    Cells are typically cultured in a 35 mm petri dish, 6 Well Plates, 4 Well Dishes or Incubation Flask. Such dishes are placed in the small customized chambers. The entire chamber has a temperature stability of ± .1° C @ 37° C (at 20 - 27° C ambient temperature) regardless of door openings. Due to our patented temperature environment control, the risk of condensation is almost non existing at the above mentioned settings.

    The specialized platinum temperature sensors gives live readings of the temperature of the chamber and each chamber can be individually controlled from the large touch display Menu at a resolution of ±0.1 C.

  • How quickly will the incubators chamber recover its temperature?

    The temperature sensor indicates that the temperature is being controlled in each chamber at the set point, usually 37 °C within 15 minutes of switching the incubator on.

    Each chamber has a temperature stability of ± .1° C @ 37° C (at 20 - 27° C ambient temperature)  regardless of door openings. Time stamps of the individual chambers temperature shows no fluctuations.

  • How stable is the temperature control?

    Measurements taken at 1 second intervals over 48+ Hrs indicate that temperature is controlled to ± 0.2 °C (99% confidence limits).

  • Will accessing the incubation chamber affect the temperature stability?

    Every chamber has its own independent lid with its specific function, to maintain the temperature and to keep the environment sterile.

    • The six doors in the top of the unit are used to exchange specimens  or for the day to day control and adjustments to the cell culture environment. The minimum number of these doors should be opened for the shortest possible time to minimize heat loss if the labs ambient temperature is below 20°C.

    • If the environment temperature is in between  20°C and 27°C , there will be no significant temperature fluctuations within each chamber during a standard  ( ≤ 15 seconds) door openings.

  • Can I add an external temperature sensor to each chamber?

    Yes. The position for the external temperature sensor is shown in the service manual. Any change from this position will affect the accuracy of the temperature control at the specimen.

    Usually, we would recommend to order your incuART unit with an external temperature panel.

  • Can I monitor and record the temperature inside the chambers?

    Yes. Temperature monitoring & calibration kits are available. It records the signal from the platinum foil temperature sensor against time. Connection is made to the PC via the USB port.

    Two kits are available. A two sensor kit and a 6 sensor kit.

  • Will there be any condensation under the lid of my culture vessel?

    No. Condensation is only possible when the lid of the culture vessel is cooler than the growth medium. This does not happen inside incuART's incubation chamber . The whole inner chamber environment is maintained at 37°C due to direct heat technology.