Our Research

We are active in the research studies for new technologies that are a key component to advancing the IVF and ESC filed.  Working with and for the science community!

New technologies aren’t invented overnight. Each potential technology starts out as a testable idea based on initial research findings.That idea must be followed up with rigorous research and testing in our lab, which can take years of work. Afterwards, even if it looks great in the lab experiments, we believe that it will first become a viable technology only after it is proven safe and effective in human clinical trials.

One of the major advantages we offer for the  cell culture community is the ability to manipulate the physico-chemical (i.e., temperature, pH, osmotic pressure, O2 and CO2 tension)  environment in which the cells lives and develops.

The Culture Environment Affects Cell Growth

From ideas to technologies for you. Where do we begin?

The consequences of deviating from the culture conditions required  can range from the expression of aberrant development to a complete failure of the cell culture.  We therefore recommend that you familiarize yourself with your cell culture technique before using our equipment  and closely follow the instructions provided with each product you are using in your experiments. Our focus and research spans over the following areas:

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